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Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a vital tool that provides necessary oxygen to grass roots while stimulating soil microbiology to improve overall soil health. In addition, Core Aeration de-compacts the soil so that plant roots may dig deeper and more freely in search of vital water and nutrients.

Grass Fertilization Specialists

Elite Turf Services, LLC – Grass Fertilization Specialists are custom blended to meet the needs of your specific turf type and growing environment. Fertilizer is a critical component to promoting a healthy and beautiful lawn for years to come. Applications are made in both spring and fall at the proper time. Proper nutrients, timing, and amount applied all play a major role in the success of your lawn.

Weed Control

Elite Turf Services, LLC deploys the usage of the best available pre and post-emergent products applied at the optimal time to provide Weed Control and prevention of various noxious weeds.

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